ZINE-SPIRATION! (Week 2 post)

Prior to this year, I hadn’t really gotten much exposure to Zine culture. But after doing a bit of research, I kind of fell in love with the concept of a zine. Below are some of my favourites.

“Labs With Abs” by Andrew Jeffrey Wright is probably one of my favourites I’ve found, with a simple, yet hilarious concept, and a super organic illustrative style. 



Another zine of similar style is “Graham is a Weirdo” by Gemma Correll.Image

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I really enjoyed the food zine “The Runcible Spoon”.

It is an independent food zine that has that really cool handmade feel, inspired by the original punk zines, with a cut-and-paste style. I love the juxtaposition between hand lettered and illustrated images to photographs.


Another style that I found really interesting is a highly graphic approach, the total opposite of the cut-and-paste style of Runcible Spoon. “Afterzine” is a gorgeous zine edited by Hamish Robertson that takes submissions based on a set theme.



And lastly, “I’ll Go Where You Go” is a 20 page zine by Julia Pott, illustrating woodland creatures going through relationship dramas. The concept is cute, but the quality of the illustrations are what won me over. 



And that’s it! 




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