GRIDULAR! (Week 3)


This week’s in-class exercise was based around our lesson on GRIDS!

We were assigned to pick a short story (I grabbed mine from, and design a 2-page spread using grid templates that we were given. I chose a to use a 5-column and a 3-column grid, after being inspired by spreads using those grids. The story I chose was “Professor Panini” by Matthew Grigg, which was about an inventor who had managed to turn himself into a toaster while toasting some bagels and testing out his new invention. To be honest, I still don’t fully understand this story, but the title and main imagery sounded amusing, so I went with it.

For my first spread, I had found an illustration that I really enjoyed, and subsequently based the rest of my spread design around it. I kept it black and white, and really simplistic to go with the black and white line drawing. The story was super lighthearted, with some comedic aspects, so I kept this design more naive and almost childish.

In the second spread, I wanted a less naive look/feel to the story, but more mature. I added in a more prominent photographic image, and enlarged it to take up 2/3 of a page. I also used a more sophisticated serif typeface for the title that still retained a little of the story’s quirkiness, and rotated it to read vertically along the grid lines.

I think I liked my first design more, just because the simplicity and the relation between the illustration and typeface. I also found that I really enjoyed the 5-column grid, which allowed for smaller columns on the sides, as well as horizontals. With more guidelines, I actually found it to be more freeing. I can really see myself using it in my future designs.


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