This week, we were assigned to scour the city for posters that caught our eye. This didn’t mean firing up Pinterest and searching for beautiful posters, but actually going outside (gasp!), and capturing posters in their natural habitats.

I found myself gravitating towards the posters pasted on telephone poles at intersections, because they tended to be advertising less commercial events, and had a more raw and adventurous art style.


This was the first poster I found last weekend. I hadn’t even planned on looking for posters that evening, but when I saw this one, I really wanted to include it. It was located at the Broadway and Cambie intersection, which is not near the location of the venue, but it is right next to the Canada Line station and the 99 B-line (UBC) bus stop. The poster probably targets young adults, or college age students, so the location of this poster is pretty ideal.
What I think makes the poster itself so successful is the simplicity, and therefore boldness. It is the same size (tabloid) as all the other music posters on the telephone pole, but it clearly stands out from all the other cluttered, dark posters. The illustration is striking, as well as the use of white space/big blocks of colour. The bold sans serif type matches it really well and just brings together an all around memorable poster.



Similar to the previous poster, this event promotion poster uses a lighter colour palate which allows it to stand out from a cluttered telephone pole of dark/black posters, even if it is slightly covered by the surrounding posters. This poster was found near a 99 UBC bus stop too in Kitsilano (Broadway and MacDonald), which is populated by many young adults, whom this poster is targeting.
What caught my eye first was the high fashion art style (in contrast to the surrounding gothic style posters), and use of geometric shapes. With the target market being young, hip adults who are clubbers, the use of triangles and the colours teal and coral are really on target.

poster 1


This poster was found at a bus shelter at Broadway and Cambie. I don’t usually gravitate towards advertisements of large corporate brands like Starbucks, but this one was pretty successful in not being too “in-your-face” about promoting their product. Instead of stating a message like “BUY MY PRODUCT!”, it states a fact about their product (10 year anniversary of the Pumpkin Spice Latte), and leaves it up to the viewer to decide if it matters to them. It reflects the feeling of fall, and the tradition of the seasonal drink.  I like how it celebrates the consumer instead of boasting about the product. The assortment of “hand lettered” type appeals to what I call the “Pinterest Mom” (who loves mason jar crafts, DIY home decor, and of course, Pumpkin Spice Lattes).

photo 2


This poster was found on a telephone pole on Broadway in Kitsilano. I love this poster because of the simplicity of the message and design. It’s uses a large bold sans serif typeface, but keeps it looking friendly and humorous. Similar the first two posters, it uses white, and overall lighter colours to contrast with the dark music gig posters. Because we tend to gravitate towards faces, using a large face as the main image is really smart and effective. The hierarchy of this poster really works, since the main message takes up the majority of the poster, without being too cluttered.

photo 1


This poster was found in a storefront window. I can’t remember the exact store, but I remembered that it was a totally unrelated type store to the target market of this event. I liked (again) the use of white space in both the poster and the illustration.  The title of the event is the first thing you see (good hierarchy), and the logo of the location (Colony) is easy to spot. The style of the poster even reflects the nature of the event, very Southern Californian and beachy. The type in the title allows the poster to stand out in a window full of posters.


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