For this week’s Halloween assignment, we were told to put together a horror/thriller movie poster for an already existing movie. I realized I haven’t actually seen any real horror movies, so I chose to do the movie Coraline. It’s arguably the most creepy/disturbing animated movie meant for kids.
I was inspired by a poster I saw during my poster research in class, with a single egg yolk in the centre of the poster. It was striking, and I really liked the simplicity of the poster. I had also found in my research that the simpler posters with more white space drew more attention.
I used a black button as my main image (which is also crucial imagery in the movie), and sketched a reflection of the villan’s hand in the button.

For 4 hours, I am pretty happy with my result, since I spent the first 3 working on another concept that didn’t end up working out. I am much happier with this solution than my old one. Simplicity is best!


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