The assignment: choose a social cause, and after at least 30 thumbnails, create a poster!

For my cause, I chose the organization Wigs for Kids BC. They accept real hair donations to manufacture wigs for children with sicknesses that cause them to lose their hair, or children undergoing chemotherapy. It’s often overlooked how much hair can contribute to a child’s self-esteem, and having donated 3 times already to this cause, it’s something that’s pretty close to my heart. 

Here are my concept thumbnails:



I really wanted to show the idea that donating hair really wasn’t that hard, and didn’t have to mean totally going bald. I also didn’t want to be overly Sarah-McLaughlan-SPCA-tear-jerking, or anything that most people would expect coming from a BC Childrens Hospital organization, but something more lighthearted, since it was for the kids.

Here is my final poster campaign!


Models: Garret Schauteet, Josh Seinen, Tony Yu 


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