Leading and Line Length!








The Assignment:
Typeset 5 different pages for: a children’s book, a printed annual report, a magazine, a non-fiction book, and a university textbook.

My favourite 3 layouts were the ones I created for the university textbook, the non-fiction book and the printed annual report.

The layout below is designed to look like a page from a university textbook. I wanted to create a cleaner, simpler feel than the textbooks I remember studying from at school. I used larger paragraph spaces to differentiate between sections, allowing for easier studying and reading. Since we were not allowed to use images, I wanted to create interest by using coloured sidebar elements and lots of white space to allow the eye to rest in such a text-heavy book. I felt that this was successful after I realized I wanted my textbook to have a clean feel like this.

My second page is the layout I designed for a non-fiction novel. I had no idea what a “non-fiction novel” was, so I had to do quite a bit more research for this one. I ended up basing it strongly off of how the Bible is usually typeset in modern printings. I used a pretty conventional two-column grid that emphasized the academic nature of the text. I included footnotes at the bottom and moved the folio and chapter name to the top. I assumed that a publication of this nature would be extremely text heavy, so by basing my typesetting off of the Bible (an extremely text-heavy book) I feel that I’ve achieved a fairly readable page that wouldn’t exhaust the reader. 











My third layout is for the printed annual report. This page would ideally be part of the CEO’s message or something similar. I wanted to take some inspiration from magazine layout (see the pull quote) to make up for the lack of images. I tried to balance a large amount of text with lots of white space and a upbeat colour. The tab at the top would suggest the chapter or section of the annual report. I especially liked the balance of colour in this page.


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