Resume Time!

For an assignment in the spirit of preparing for internships, we were asked to create a resume and advised to add in a personal statement. Here is my finished resume.



I was heavily inspired by resumés that included a grid and divided info into boxes. This was an interesting challenge in organizing a large amount of information on such a limited space. The typefaces I used are Proxima Nova (a current favourite) and Adobe Caslon (a favourite pairing with Proxima Nova). I decided to emphasize the “Experience” portion of my resumé, along with the “About Me” portion; these two seemed more important and interesting to me from the employer’s point of view. I had used a similar style and colour scheme in a recent Information Design project and when I asked for feedback from a classmate, he said “This looks like…you”. When I thought about it, I found that the style reflected a lot about who I was as a designer… kind of quirky, and pretty far off from the typical pretentious hipster type of design. I hand lettered my name in the top, because I had mentioned my lettering capabilities, and I somehow wanted to include that aspect in my resume to make it more unique. If I were to revisit this another time, I would probably spend some time and tweak this part of my resume.

I have already been accepted for an internship at Hangar 18, so I didn’t design with this specific studio in mind. However, because I would like to gain more experience in design outside of school, I am trying to pursue another internship in the second half of this summer (St. Bernadine’s is at the top of my list).